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The boat

Director  Valeriy Gaken
Russian Federation
Runtime  15:00
Completion Date: November 30, 2017

First-time Filmmaker

A global flood is approaching. But there is a chance to save Lyosha. After all, he has a boat. But a hunter enters the game on Lyosha’s mountain. He thinks the boat is his property and tries to take it away by all means. Also, Lyosha meets other equally odd characters who are curious about the protagonist’s strange decision - to sit in a boat and wait for the flood.


Portrait Of Eva

Director  Klim Tukaev
Russian Federation
Runtime 14:10
Completion Date: April 25, 2018
Romance, Drama

A young and talented artist Thomas experienced a creative crisis in the last few years. Until he happened to meet a mysterious girl in a night bar.


Three Believers

Director Charles Habib-Drouot
Runtime 35:00
Completion Date: October 1, 2017
Drama, Anticipation

"The Great Massacre of Brussels had begun for three days.
Then, the few survivors just called it the attacks."
While massacres are taking place in the city, three women hide in an abandoned church. They talk to each other and rediscover that stories


Hair Trigger...

Director Taylor Schafer
United States
Runtime 8:15
Completion Date: March 14, 2018
First-time Filmmaker
Student Project

School shooting survivor Sadie, her mother Terry, and Sadie's best friend Elyse struggle to reconcile the night before the rest of Sadie's classmates return to school without her.


Dream Institution

Director Trëndelina Halili
Runtime 12:59
Completion Date: September 19, 2017

In a place where people have a civic obligation to confess their dreams, Artemis
find himself isolated in the Institution of Dreams so he has to sign the authorship
for its content which has favorable predictions for the state, according to the
dream interpretation experts.

The Date

Director Ryan Welink
Runtime 4:26
Completion Date: February 19, 2018
First-time Filmmaker

Louis and Morgan sit down to a lovely home cooked meal for their
1st anniversary but Louis' greatest fear puts the whole relationship in jeopardy.

A Bomb Shelter Named Desire

Director Sharon Shelly
Runtime 40:16
Completion Date: November 15, 2017
First-time Filmmaker

During the last Gaza- Israeli war, a local Israeli woman in mid-life crisis documents herself in dozens of fortified shelters. When life returns to normal, she remains lost and disturbed.


The Forest full of Rabbits

Director Nikolai Knackmuss
Runtime 19:36
Completion Date: October 1, 2017
Drama, Family
First-time Filmmaker

After Hanna's brother commits suicide as a consequence of his bipolar disorder, Hanna, who also suffers from the same disease, is in a manic state.
In her family there is little understanding for her excitement, so she finds a new one.



Director Danilo Ceković
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date: February 7, 2018

Martha, a girl from Belgrade, wanders through the city in search of her own inner peace. On that path, besides the good and the bad people she encounters, a big obstacle is her restlessness. Will she give up?

What we believe

Director Tillmann Heide , Maria Seipold, Anton Ortmann
Runtime 17:01
Completion Date: February 28, 2018
First-time Filmmaker

The project:
Young people explored their own attitudes in a workshop on the topics of Friedrich Schiller and belief and found surprising answers.
The Film:
What does icing sugar writing have to do with love and what a junction box with rules? What connects a fingerpost for tourists with God and what death with Wi-Fi? 8 young people found extremely funny, clever and original answers for their basic question: Can one live without belief?


What we love

Director Karla Mönnig, Tillmann Heide , Gesine Oswald
Runtime 16:58
Completion Date: February 28, 2018
First-time Filmmaker

The project:
German and Syrian youths explored what love is and what it means to them in the confrontation with the German poet Friedrich Schlller and her own life.
The Film:
Oh, the love - this most beautiful of all feelings! Everybody knows it. No matter how young you are, no matter what nationality you have. But maybe everyone loves differently or loves something else? German and Syrian teenagers give 8 different answers in a movie full of lust for life.


Here After

Director Jonah Mazer
United States
Runtime 9:00
Completion Date: February 21, 2018

HERE AFTER, a film by Edaan Moskowitz and Jonah Mazer depicts the story of what grief can become in the near future of technology. When a young girl loses her father, her only key to survival is just a touch away. Discovering a different paradise with a unique perspective causes Autumn to value her place in life.


Bob Jr.

Director Dilek Ince
United States
Runtime 23:33
Completion Date: January 20, 2018
First-time Filmmaker
Drama, Comedy

Bob is a lonely man who finds it difficult to cope with the death of his wife, Christina, who passed away three years ago. The only thing Christina has left him was her fish, Bob Jr., with whom Bob maintains a strong but strange relationship.


Three and a Half

Director Dar Gai (Daria Gaikalova)
Runtime 01:59:12
Completion Date: December 12, 2017
First-time Filmmaker

The story of one house in three different eras. Where 50 years ago it was divided between a school and an apartment, in which a young boy struggles with the pressures of pre-pubescent school life, coupled with being compelled to share a tiny room with his paralysed, disconsolate grandfather. Who in turn has devious plans for the child’s 12th birthday which happens to fall on a leap year. The same building 20 years later becomes home to a brothel, where a young unexploited concubine is dealing with her self-proclaimed “first” client who has a strange inability to fulfil his physical desire unless obligated to the duress of a transaction to do so. Now, 30 years later these same walls surround a sublime home which belongs to a soul-stirring 75 year old couple who love, laugh and dance together. They whisper the secrets of time forgone and seemed to have overcome the undying need for love and escape which seems to have plagued the inhabitants of this house in the past.
The film has been shot in three long takes and a 'half-take' at the end, which exhibits the house under renovation, symbolizing the emergence of new stories and the inevitable nature of change in time.
The story is narrated from the perspective of the walls of the house, which are witness to all the struggles and success which encompass human life. The walls do not blink, they are not stirred, and their omnipresence is one of the defining reasons for the treatment of the long take.



Director Patrick Neubäck
Runtime 45:00
Completion Date: September 1, 2017
First-time Filmmaker
Roadmovie, Drama

After the sudden death of his father Matthias embarks on a search for his lost brother who is supposed to live in Vietnam. For Matthias he is the way out of his moral dilemma.

But Matthias was not aware of the encounters and how this journey would change him.
At the alleged residence of his half-brother, Matthias learns that his father’s faint helped him to become who he really is.


The Lying Sun

Director Silke Schönfeld
Runtime 14:58
Completion Date: December 1, 2017
First-time Filmmaker

On a road trip we follow a taxi driver from Bethlehem, a female settler from Tekoa, students from East Jerusalem and many others. The short documentary gives an essayistic perspective on the search for identity of young Israelis and Palestinians.



Director Adrian Schwartz
Runtime   24:20
Completion Date: January 11, 2018
First-time Filmmaker
Student Project

Young love is unpredictable, young love is wild, young love is… mainly one thing: uncertain. Lasse and Käthe both try really hard to belong together. However, deep down they both have feelings that create distance between them. On the one hand, she is not able to talk about them and on the other, he can’t stop talking. In a moment of pure helplessness and intimacy, the two of them make each other feel vulnerable to the extent that every word could be the wrong one. Ultimately, they need to accept that they are far from what they both hope to find in love. Through that however, they learn what true love can really mean.


Paul is here

Director Valentina Maurel
Runtime   24:20
Completion Date: November 30, 2016
First-time Filmmaker
Student Project

Paul is here. Like a step backwards, like a ghost knocking at the door. Paul is here, and his annoying presence will disrupt Jeanne's everyday life, and maybe help her grow up


The Postman in Underwear

Director Daniel Binsted, Ben Ziv
Runtime   14:38
Completion Date: May 31, 2016
Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy
First-time Filmmaker
Student Project

Two brothers tell the story of an eccentric postman who falls in love for the first time in his life.
In an attempt to help him express his love they embark on a journey in which they will experience the difference between fantasy and real love.



Director  Nina Kojima
Runtime   16:00
Completion Date: August 31, 2017

A therapist endures a hard day at work with strange patients.

Moore Marsh, More Life

Director  Florian Reittner
Runtime   1:15
Completion Date: October 28, 2017

Visualizing the subliminal energy of Sonnenmoor marsh products. Plain, yet bursting with life, the pirmeval power of natural mood explodes on screen in 75 breathtaking seconds.



Runtime   01:08:00
Completion Date: November 30, 2017
First-time Filmmaker
Student Project

Bablu, an eight year old boy, resides in a small village. He is taught under the shade of a tree from one book which is shared amongst all the students. When he gets the chance to look after it, he loses it when a new friend of his takes it to the city. He leaves his village to find the book with his teacher’s wise words to help him on his journey, “Veer tum badhe chalo, dheer tum badhe chalo”.
This story embarks upon the venturesome journey of a boy from a small village who goes to the city to find his missing book. Without any knowledge of the outside world, he is forced to encounter the good and bad alone.


Be Open

Director  Marcell Feher
United Kingdom
Runtime   10:10
Completion Date: July 12, 2017
Comedy, Romance
First-time Filmmaker
Student Project

On the night bus, George must come up with the catchiest line in order to talk to the really hot girl or risk never seeing her again.


Travelogue Tel Aviv

Director  Samuel Patthey
Runtime   6:00
Completion Date: June 28, 2017
Animation, Documentary, Experimental
Student Project

A young art student from Switzerland arrives for six months in Tel Aviv.
Through drawing he will learn to analyse, understand and free himself to this contrasted environnement.

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