Мальчики (Boys)

Director  Ilya Kazankov
Russian Federation
Runtime  22:32
Completion Date: 2012

Хоть ты капитан первого ранга, мичман, адмирал, или Лев Толстой, ты все равно, где-то там внутри мальчишка. Ведь в заснеженном городе, за красным окном ждет тебя Надежда.


Beyond the summit

Director  Yana Polyarush, Tamara Tsotsoriya, Konstantin Kutuev
Russian Federation
Runtime  01:51:07
Completion Date: December 31, 2017
Action, Sport, Drama
First-time Filmmaker

Alexey and Kostya are friends and rivals since their childhood.
They are fighting for the sports supremacy and for the reciprocity of their classmate Lina. Because they both are in love with her for a long time.
Alexey is a gifted sportsman and a school leader. He used to be the first in everything, but one fateful event dramatically has changed his life.
Kostya participates in the competitions and became the champion of the country.
Alexey gets to the hospital. It seems that he has almost no chance to get up on his feet again and especially to be a sportsman anew.
He will have to start all over from the beginning in order to conquer the mountain tops once again, to win the heart of his beloved girl and to get the desirable Olympic medal.


No Love No death

Director Gleb Ross
Russian Federation
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date: May 1, 2018

Accidentally, Alyona finds herself alone in her lover's country-house on Christmas Eve. All she can see from the window is a snow-covered desert, and a cat is the only living creature who is near. The heating is turned off, her mobile phone battery is low. Alyona tries to get out of the country-house, but the more external circumstances she overcomes the deeper she sinks into her inner hell. At the end of the day her desire to escape suddenly evolves into desire to die.

There are three layers in the film: physical, symbolical and metaphysical. All Alyona’s activity is a surface that hides her struggle with her inner demons, her existential solitude and her inability to cope with it. Trying to escape the swamp of unsolved issues Alyona sinks only deeper and deeper to reach the bottom, then push off and start her way to inner resurrection. The only thing we are never given enough is love. The only thing we never give enough is love.


For What?...

Director Lika Lipskaya
Russian Federation
Runtime 30:00
Completion Date: September 14, 2017
First-time Filmmaker

This is a documentary about a happy man, an actor, a clown and a teacher Yuri Borisovich Ilyashevsky, who brought up more than one generation of famous actors and directors and who has been living in VGIK for many years. Life was not always favorable to him, but always brought him back to his favorite profession.



Director Anna Kuznetsova
Russian Federation
Runtime 40:00
Completion Date: February 1, 2017
Student Project

A reverse of Lolita story. She falls for him as a 13 year old. At 20 she marries his best friend. By the age of 30 she's ready to give it all up to turn the love of her life into a true 'love story'.


Syrian Chronicles

Director Maxim Ivanov
Russian Federation
Runtime 52:00
Completion Date: December 27, 2017

Roman Menshenin neutralizes the ordnance laid by terrorists in the historic Palmyra, Natalia Avilova distributes to hospitals and hospitals humanitarian cargo of medicines. Father Gabriel restores Orthodox Church destroyed by militants, and Andrew Kitty talks to free the civilian population from the besieged city. All these and many other people want one thing – peace in Syria – the cradle of civilization.


Long road home /2017/

Director  Anatoly Pasichnik
Russian Federation
Runtime   01:45:15
Completion Date: November 1, 2017
Mystical thriller, Drama

The film tells about a young man named Sergey, who lives an ordinary life. Suddenly he starts seeing weird things, the meaning of which he cannot understand. To his surprise, some of these things soon begin to come true. Neither the young man nor his relatives are not ready to accept the fact that starts happening around. Soon Sergey will need to find out the essence of these phenomena, to reconsider the way he sees the world and realize what is the true meaning of our unpredictable, mysterious, and sometimes frightening life...


The Sun Rises in the East

Director Andrey Kholenko
Russian Federation
Runtime   29:00
Completion Date: February 1, 2018
Romance, Drama
First-time Filmmaker

Natasha comes to China to find that the spiritual practice she studies in Moscow is banned. She has a heart condition but her foreign spiritual adviser demands she stay away from hospitals. Natasha is adamant about following the principles of her faith in
this foreign land, ignoring the dangers it poses to her health. But one chance meeting alters her perceptions on the nature of true and false spiritual values. After all, the sun rises in the East not the West.


Director Vladimir Vorokov
Russian Federation
Runtime   17:36
Completion Date:
Documentary, Television

film about the North Caucasus highland area called Prielbrusje, the terrirtory on the Elbrus slope, with all its sights, history and touristic attractions.

Tsarina from Kabarda

Director Vladimir Vorokov
Russian Federation
Runtime   33:20
Completion Date:

Documentary about the Russian tsar Ivan the Frightful's wife and her influence on the Russian political life in XVIth century.


Director Kim Belov
Russian Federation
Runtime   6:53
Completion Date: April 5, 2017
First-time Filmmaker

A cable guy comes to customer's apartment and meets his fate.


Director Svetlana Samoshina
Russian Federation
Runtime   25:00
Completion Date: May 30, 2017
melodrama, comedy
First-time Filmmaker

A regular couple after years of relationship struggles to find the way to their happiness.

Peter's Odyssey

Director Anna Kolchina, Alexey Kuzmin-Tarasov
Russian Federation
Runtime   01:14:18
Completion Date: December 27, 2017
drama, adventure, romance, parable, lyric novel
First-time Filmmaker

Petya, a 12 year old boy, spends his summers in a suburban Moscow dacha with his grandmother. His blissful summer of 1996 comes to an abrupt end when his parents decide to immigrate to Germany. Unwilling to adapt to the new reality Petya embarks on a fantasy journey back home.

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