Director Violetta Moshkova
Russian Federation
Runtime 20:00
Completion Date:
First-time Filmmaker

Eric, an autistic boy, lives in a world that people are born into with labels mapping out their destinies. Hostages to their labels, people gradually lose human qualities, such as kindness, patience, compassion.

Eric’s label is a blank. His subtle perceptions are walled in by misunderstanding and prejudices of the surrounding world. Is there a place in it for the likes of Eric?



Director Nacho Ros
Runtime 11:18
Completion Date: February 1, 2018

A teacher of future teachers is committed to a radical change in teaching; To modify the paradigm of your students, you will tell them a true story.


The Wishing Tree

Director Manika Sharma
Runtime 01:39:18
Completion Date: May 15, 2017
First-time Filmmaker

This film, The Wishing Tree, resulted from a desire to produce an entertaining full-length feature film that could make children (of all races, regions & faiths) fall in love with trees & forests. It is a herculean task for an independent filmmaker like me to produce a feature film without any affiliation to a big studio or a distributor. The journey was arduous but a few words that my School Principal would often quote from a Chief Seattle speech (supposedly made in 1854)... kept me going. Chief Seattle, talking about ecological responsibility, had said, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.
THE WISHING TREE is a magical, inspirational and an entertaining story of five children in a hill-station who come together to save their ‘wishing tree’ from being cut by vested interests. The film is lively, entertaining, endearing and engrossing so that the underlying message to love nature and protect trees and environment is seamlessly driven home.


The Mystery of Green Hill

Director Cejen Cernic
Runtime 01:21:00
Completion Date: January 24, 2017
First-time Filmmaker

Koko and his friends are spending summer vacation on the shores of a lake near the idyllic Green Hill, hanging out and playing. The magical countryside is disturbed by unusual events which alarm the children as well as the locals: under cover of night, burglars break into one house after another, stealing anything valuable they can find. When the police turns a blind eye to denunciations by adults, the children decide to take matters into their own hands and unmask the burglars.

The Sky Underwater

Director Maria Galliani Dyrvik
Runtime 10:20
Completion Date: January 29, 2018

It’s 2050. Six years old Mia lives in the city of Bergen, under a glass dome, 537 meters under the sea level. Every night, the Big Light wakes her up, clean and beautiful, unlike the rest of the world underwater, which is full of trash. Mia wants to travel out of the dome to see the Big Light, but the Adults hold her back and tell her everything is dangerous out there, because it’s full of sharks. Mia escapes anyway, and finds out that neither the sharks nor the world outside the dome are as dangerous as the fearful Adults want her to believe. Gathering the trash around her with the help of her friends, she will fly up to the surface to see the Moon for the first time.


A Drawing

Director Brad Condie
United States
Runtime 5:30
Completion Date: February 14, 2018

A young boy misses the chance to say goodbye to his dying Mother. Through his deep desire to reconnect to her and the beneficence of the universe he is allowed to see her again. A drawing done by the boy is his final gift to her.

An Enchanted Ruby

Director  Evgeny Ruman
United States
Runtime   01:05:00
Completion Date: August 1, 2017

An Enchanted Ruby is a fun adventure film about family and love. Ruby discovers her own magical powers as she realizes that her mother was abducted by evil forces. Ruby sources all of her love which empowers her to get her mom back home safely


My Teacher Hilda: Nora Finds New Friends

Director  Pawan Mishra
United States
Runtime   01:05:00
Completion Date: October 18, 2017
Animation, Television
First-time Filmmaker

A little girl named Nora is fretting over entering a new school. With the help of a special hippo teacher, Nora's fears come to an end and she learns to enjoy school.


A New Year's Story

Director  Kailin Gow
United States
Runtime   8:06
Completion Date: December 31, 2017
Fantasy, Children, Animation, Family

A girl living with her new stepmother discovers a magical world and family forged from the love of her dying mother.


Director Daniel Bydlowski
United States
Runtime   27:40
Completion Date: December 1, 2017
Fantasy, Family

Eugene, a shy 10-year-old boy, is bullied every day until he discovers a secret underneath the school that keeps him safe, for now...


I can't wait to fly!

Runtime   4:48
Completion Date: January 10, 2018

A baby-sister flying squirrel, TINY lives in the deep forest.
At night, her mom and her big brother TOMMY fly over into the woods, but not her. TINY always stays at the house.
One night, she tries to fly to the woods with her family…

Xhoihobote dhemalite (Rainbow fields)

Director bidyut kotoky
Runtime   01:29:00
Completion Date: March 1, 2017

On a soul searching journey back to his native place on hearing the news of the death of a childhood friend, a famous film director has to confront the unresolved vestiges of a terrible childhood accident, before he loses his last chance for redemption and closure.

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