Sound of the Somme

Writer  Alexander Menu, Thomas Besançon
United States
Short Script
Number of Pages: 17
War, Drama, History, Music

The last day in the journal of 20-year-old bagpiper James C. Richardson that awarded him the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award, for his bravery and action during the Battle of the Somme in WWI


Hollow Earth Quest

Writer  Kathy Krantz Stewart
United States
Number of Pages: 130
Sci-fi, action, romance, fantasy, adventure, alien, metaphysical

Hollow Earth Quest
In 1985 Dan interviews Ritter Von X, German scientist living at secret Arctic Nazi military base disguised as weather station. X tells Dan about Hollow Earth, and alien being, Thal. Coded Biblical stories conceal the truth of Jesus’ magnetic powers common to citizens of Earth's interior. Assisted in his resurrection by UFO commander, Thal, Jesus lives inside the Earth to this day.
Back home, Dan transcribes his X interviews, telling neighbor, Wanda, everything: his early spiritual experiences and out of body travels. As a child, young man, Dan marries high school sweetheart, enlists in the Air Force and off to Vietnam, Dan’s behavior becomes cause for concern. After a brief stint in a psychiatric ward, Dan is released with the aid of his brother's political connections.


Escape to Hollow Earth

Writer  Colin K. Stewart
United States
Number of Pages: 120

A draft resister flees the US to Iceland tempted by absolute power and destiny of the world for either good or evil while encountering an advanced civilization living in the center of the Earth.


Ask Me No Questions

Writer  Alexandra Viets
United States
Number of Pages: 121

A portrait of immigrant life in contemporary America and the coming-of-age tale of two Bangladeshi sisters. Fourteen year-old Nadira and her eighteen year-old sister Aisha live in Queens, N.Y. The sisters are part of an invisible population of illegal aliens, teenage girls hoping to realize their dreams of becoming legal citizens in their adopted land. In the aftermath of 9/11, their lives are thrust into sudden upheaval when their parents decide to flee to the Canadian border to seek asylum and they live with the threat of being deported to Bangladesh, a country they hardly know.


Living in the past

Writer  Bernhard Riedhammer
Student, Short Script
Number of Pages: 38
First-time Screenwriter
Student Project



Writer  Sam H Froelich
United States
Number of Pages: 117

Kirk and Esther are drawn together amidst their personal tragic losses and embark on a captivating adventure that unites them in a love story so profound and sincere that nothing and no one can separate.


Writer  Robert Cole
United States
Number of Pages: 108
Romance, Dramedy

JACK GENERO, former heavyweight contender and his brother, perpetual adolescent, LARRY GENERO, run a steak house in Manhattan. Jack has success and celebrity that makes Larry resentful despite his love for his older brother. Jack is a widower who’s never looked at another woman since the death of his wife.
Larry on the other hand flirts with every young woman, minimum of 20 years younger, who comes through to the restaurant. Larry has been married several times and never realized his dream of becoming an oceanographer like Jacques Cousteau. He owns a classic “White Corvette,” a symbol of masculinity and his identity, hence the title of the film. He worships his vehicle.
When a stunning “woman of certain” age comes for dinner they’re both thrown for a loop and stumble over her to offer her special service. Surprise! ALEXANDRA is a restaurant blogger/critic. A few days after her visit a review of her dining experience appears in the paper under the byline of ALEX. She decimates the restaurant with harsh, over- the –top- criticism of the food and of the owners.
Larry and Jack are outraged and want an apology and retraction. They go the paper and come up empty handed. They stumble over themselves, but Jack is smitten. He’s enamored of the woman who tore is beloved restaurant apart.
Because of the bad review business begins to decline rapidly. Jack and Alexandra become romantically involved, much to Larry’s consternation. “She drove a stake through your heart,” Larry says.
Larry becomes involved with drop dead gorgeous Megan, an artist with a very large dog. Megan although barely thirty is wise and sees through Larry and knows who he really is. She genuinely likes him.
Jack and Larry are eventually confronted with the fact the restaurant is going south and the doors will close. This happens while Jack becomes deeply, madly in love Alexandra -- the woman who has destroyed them.
Jack decides to create a new restaurant reborn with Italian cuisine with Alexandra who shares his heritage. There is no room for Larry in the new equation.
Larry does some soul searching. After a crisis of identity, he drowns his car in the river and thus his old self. Larry decides to go back to school and realize his dream of becoming an oceanographer following the rescue of a baby whale that earns him the respect he’s never had.
Jack and Alexandra marry in a ceremony in the new restaurant and drive off on their honeymoon in the dried out, restored “White Corvette” -- Larry’s gift. Larry and Megan head off to see the shark exhibit.


Writer  Terry Raven
Czech Republic
Number of Pages: 125

A Jewish Girl in 1939 Prague must run from the Nazis to save her parents and her dreams


Lion of Judah Legacy

Writer  Francis E Anderson
United States
Action Thriller, Comic Book, Super hero, Coming of age, Faith Based Drama
Number of Pages: 89
First-time Screenwriter

The last of Haile Selassie's line, Marly is given a golden spiff that turns him into a Rastafarian super hero and charged with a mission to lead the Rasta faithful back to the promised land in Ethiopia.



Writer  Douglas E Spaltro
United States
Completion Date:
Number of Pages: 51

Two FBI agents hunting a Nazi war criminal face another problem when they get him in their sights


God Is Not Purple (Or how I survived puberty and four days on a raft on the Mississippi River)

Writer  Matt Pacini
United States
Completion Date:
Number of Pages: 116

In 1983, five kids, ages 10 - 16 run away from home, take a raft down the Mississippi to New Orleans, and learn more about themselves than they'd ever thought possible.


Paradigm Shift

Writer  Katherine Fitzgerald
Completion Date:
Drama, Art Film
Short Script
Number of Pages:7

A poet is transformed by discovering her electrical connection to the cosmos.

An Extraordinary Love Letter

Writer  Sachin Kumar Enganati
Completion Date:
Thriller, Experimental
Short Script
Number of Pages:15
First-time Screenwrite

Anders is an innocent guy living an ordinary human life. One fine day, when he wakes up from sleep, he finds himself blocked in a room with no exit. After the enormous struggle to get out of it, he hears a female's (Emese) voice from outside the room. Emese is a young, independent and artistic female living her life successfully. There is an instant and unconscious bond between these two souls. He tries to communicate with her but later discovers that she can’t hear him but only he can hear her voice. Their unique love story starts from then and goes on. Finally, he knows that he is gonna meet her very soon. He admires her so deeply that he is sure he cannot express his feelings to her when he meets her for the first time in his life. So, He decides to write a love letter about his unique journey with Emese.
Why did Anders get stuck in a room, why does Emese talk to him, how did he come out that room, and what happened when they first meet? Answers to these questions lead this ordinary love letter to an extraordinary one, which will be the ultimate crux of the story.


25 words or less

Writer  Christina Katsiadakis
Completion Date:
Short Script
Number of Pages: 5

1942. Anna and Irmgard, mother and daughter, have been separated by persecution and war. The mother stayed back, in Germany, hoping, in vain, to preserve what was left of the life that once was. The daughter fled to Britain, hoping to save her own life and the future she is carrying. Now, in the eve of a new life coming to the world, the two of them can only communicate through the 25 words the Red Cross messages permit. But the feelings and memories always have the power to go deeper than that.


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